Storage Shed Plans

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Storage Shed Plans

Any shed plan on our website can be used as a storage shed. This section of storage sheds showcases plans with overhead garage doors and regular home built doors. For more storage shed plans you can check out our "backyard sheds" and "garden shed plans" pages. Overhead doors on a storage shed provide a great way to have a large shed entrance. When the door is open it is out of the way.

Creating More Storage Space In My Shed.

Often a storage shed is built and then stuff is randomly thrown in without thought for organizing. This is just human nature, stuff it in and close the door. But by spending a few hours building spaces to hang and set things on will greatly enlarge the capacity for what your shed can hold and help keep things organized so you can find them when you need them. These storage devices can be purchased from your local hardware or home store or they can be built using scrap lumber from your shed building project.

Shed Shelves: Shelves can be built along shed walls to hold items. This gets small items off the ground so you have space on the floor to hold larger items that are too heavy to lift onto the shelves. A tip is that the higher the shelf the narrower it is because then it is easier to find things on it.

Shed Workbench: A workbench can be built similar to a shelf. Workbenches are typically at standing work height of 38 inches. Sitting workbenches are at 28 to 30 inches.

Building Storage ShelvesBuilding Storage Shelves
Home Built Shed WorkbenchHome Built Shed Workbench
Hanging Tools On Shed WallsHanging Tools On Shed Walls

Types Of Overhead Doors For Storage Sheds

Roll up doors move upward and out of the shed doorway. They stay stored overhead when they are open until you pull them down. The two major types of overhead doorsthat are installed on sheds are a panel door or a coil door.

Folding Panel Door: This shed door is comprised of panels that sit on tracks on either side of the door to guide it up and down. To open the door you lift it up and it stores on rails just under the shed roof framing.

Roll Up Coil Door: This shed door is made up of many small horizontal slats that lock together to from the door panel. The benefit of installing this door on your storage shed is that it not only lifts up out of the way, it also stores itself in a coiled up roll just above the shed door opening. This type of shed door allowsw you to have access to the shed roof rafters for extra storage.

Storage Shed Wall Heights:

8'-1" Shed Walls: Most of our storage sheds have a wall height of 8'-1". A storage shed with an overhead panel door must have a space above the door and below the ceiling for the door to rest when in the up position. Panel doors typically require at least 12 inches of space, check with the specifications for your door to verify its needs. So a 7' tall door requires and 8' ceiling height to hold the shed door when it is in the open position.

7'-7" or 6'-7" Shed Walls: If you want a storage shed with a lower wall height, like 7'-7" or 6'-7" and still have a garage door, the coil door is the best choice. This is because coil doors usually need about 20 inches of space above the door to hold the coil and on storage sheds the door can go up a little higher above the shed walls into the rafter area. If you are installing a drywall ceiling in the shed you will want to create a box above the door up into the attic space.

Start Planning and Building Your Backyard Storage Shed Today! has a large storage shed plan library. These plans and their respective materials lists are your main tools to help you plan and build your storage shed. Go through the storage shed designs on our site and find the size and style that best suits your needs. Then use the plans and materials list to plan your shed build project. These are some of the questions you need to find the answers to before building a shed.
  • What size of storage shed do I need?
  • What are the building requirements for my property?
    • How large of a storage shed can I build?
    • What are the building setbacks for accessory structures?
    • What are the height restrictions for accessory storage sheds?
  • What style of storage shed will I build? Any of our shed plans can be used as a storage shed. Variations include door sizes, roof styles, exterior finishes etc.
  • What is my storage shed going to be used for?

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